Lesa has a unique perspective, having worked on both sides of the lens. Her experience as a model and stylist gives her a deep understanding of the nuances of working with talent and creating captivating and timeless imagery. Known both for vibrant color work and classic BW portraiture. Lesa tends to isolate her subject matter to draw the viewer in. Celebrity sittings include Ben Barnes, Peter Gadiot, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Zara Laarsen, and Daniel Sharman. Her work has been featured editorially, commercially, and on exhibition (
The Swan Sittings, Wolf Gallery; Faire Un Reve, Broadstrokes Leica x MOPLA). Lesa works with various camera brands, including Canon, Leica,and Fuji. Amoore’s wealth of experience and dedication to her craft make her an asset to any team she works with, and every project she works on. 

Lesa is a passionate
advocate for ethical practices in the fashion and photography industries. To help bring about change, she has spoken out numerous times against sexual harrassment and the exploitation that often occurs in the industry (NY Times, 60 Minutes, Sunday Times, Paris Match, The Guardian). As a member of Model Alliance, she joined a group of survivors in Paris in September 2021 to cooperate in an ongoing investigation into their former french modeling agent; and was invited to hearings in the French and NY Senates. Her passion for inspiring positive change and fighting for labor rights has earned her respect from her peers and colleagues.

Past Works
Beyond her work as a model and photographer, Lesa served as a guest writer for several news outlets during fashion weeks; a celebrity stylist, and on-camera host. After becoming a mother, she created a childrens DVD series (My Baby Know It All, 2001) that featured actress Natasha Henstridge as the host, and provided educationally entertaining content for toddlers. During her time as an on-camera host for the popular web series Young Hollywood, she interviewed a variety of celebrities.

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